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WRI believes that scientific biological education is critical to conserving the remaining wildlife and wild places in our eco-system.  Only when the latest research is combined with common sense can we make appropriate conservation decisions.  We are committed to providing educational outreach for families such as our Hawk Watch program (see HW tab). 

We encourage teachers, home school programs, and parents to use our Wild News issues (see Wild News tab) to design curricula, and to feel free to download and use any pdfs on this page also. A portion of WRI’s efforts involves translating research findings into a format or vehicle that is understandable by the general public.  The public, ultimately, forms the public policy that determines how resources are used or conserved.  WRI believes that only an informed public can make wise decisions.  To this end, we publish and present papers on our results and provide input to various environmental impact documents, which are available for public review and comment.  In addition, we give conservation biology-based talks to local and regional groups, present scientific papers at the national and international level, conduct seminars for agency staff, and lead habitat/wildlife-oriented tours.


If you have any questions please call: 760-765-1957

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