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Wild News

WRI's Exclusive Newsletter Publication

Teachers and Interested Parties: please feel free to download our publications. They focus on our research, wildlife data, and relevant information for developing teaching modules for science classes. Particularly timely subjects are "The Lion's Share", and "Taking the Bait", both deal with two of the most difficult issues facing wildlife today. If excerpts are used please credit "Wild News" Wildlife Research Institute.

The Lion's Share

Top predators are essential regulators of a healthy eco-system-preventing overpopulation of deer as well as regulating coyotes and smaller carnivores.  Without apex predators to take down big game such as deer, or elk, herds linger in one area, trampling and chewing flora that a wide variety of other animals, insects, birds, etc need to live as well as disrupting the balance of riparian areas.

This paper explores the research of Dr. Winston Vickers and the importance of protecting our isolated populations of Mountain Lions in Southern California and what we can all learn and do to help.

Secondary poisoning is causing huge problems with our wildlife across the nation. When we poison rodents, our raptors and other wildlife such as bobcats and lions eat the sickened rodents and then ingest the poison with lethal effects. Many pets are poisoned in the same way.  

Our owls and raptors are our natural line of defense to keep rodent populations in check; poisoning rodents is not a solution, but only adds to the problem even in the short term.  This paper explores the issues and solutions to keeping our environment free from more and more toxicity.

This paper examines a very unique and the largest of our hawks: the Ferruginous Hawk, which is a winter visitor to the California Grasslands and arrive each October in the Ramona and Julian Grasslands.  These interesting winter migrants rely on the remaining grasslands to support them while visiting from points north in Montana, Canada, etc.

Eagle Eye in Space

Satellites do more than let you use your smartphone.  This technology has revolutionized the way scientists study almost all wildlife, including Golden Eagles.  This paper highlights some of the key learnings from WRI Biologists.

Growing our Grasslands

It was a long journey, with lots of dedicated people at WRI and our Members soliciting the help of The Nature Conservancy to get the over 5000 acres into the Ramona Grassland Preserve.  Read the history and genesis of this important project.

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Buteo regalis Ferruginous hawk falconry raptor

Welcome to WRI's

Kid's Corner

Learning about wildlife is tons of fun with these interactive activities just for you! Click to download and be sure to print an extra one for a friend! 


Wildlife Corridors Maze

Umbrella Species: The Golden Eagle

Learn about the challenges that animals with large territories like the cougar (a.k.a. mountain lion) face when humans develop their backyards while you help mother cougar find her way back to her den and cubs!

Apex species like the golden eagle have huge territories that when safe from disturbance and habitat loss provide a safe haven for many other species of flora and fauna. Learn more about this concept with our Umbrella Species handout! 

Mountain Lions: Informational Brochure and Crossword

Do you live in mountain lion habitat? This helpful brochure, crossword puzzle , and digital art is the work of our young volunteer and Girl Scout, Ariella, who has wonderful insight on mountain lion behavior and fun facts about this amazing species. This brochure was submitted as Ariella's Silver Award Project. Please print and share!  

Ariella Man_Mountain Lion Brochure and c
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