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WRI offers our biological expertise in the following research methods as Contract Services. Please contact us at 760-765-1957 for details on how our professional services can contribute to your project.  Research at the WRI is focused on issues relating to the challenges of managing wildlife in the face of burgeoning human populations.  Most of our work is in California; however, we are also involved in studies in Montana and New Mexico and are cooperating with the Canadian and Mexican Wildlife Services on transborder species.  Ongoing work includes conservation biology, ecological research, and environmental management.  WRI staff participates in HCP and other regional conservation planning and wildlife monitoring and management. 

WRI provides the following consulting services.

  • Biotechnical studies/reports

  • Listed species inventories and surveys

  • Wetland delineations/habitat mapping

  • Habitat management (WRI is also legally set up as a Land Trust)

  • Biological support for environmental permitting including NEPA, RCRA, the Endangered Species Act, etc.

  • Construction and mitigation monitoring

  • Ecotoxicology

Aerial Surveys

Helicopters offer a cost-effective and efficient method for large survey areas. Our Senior Eagle Biologist has over 40 years of Eagle and Raptor experience and has logged over 1500 flight hours surveying Golden Eagle nesting.

Ground Surveys

Ground observations highlight behaviors at a particular nest site or territory.  WRI conducts field ground surveys of eagles, raptors and their territories and nesting sites.

Remote Field Cameras

Remote field cameras discreetly capture close-up images of wildlife including birds and mammals, prey and predators. Field cameras can document travel corridors of land mammals

Biological Reports & Consultation

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Satellite Telemetry

Banding and marking golden eagles with satellite transmitters allows WRI Biologists to track eagle movements from Alaska to Mexico!

Land Trust Mitigation  

WRI is a land trust and has an endowment with the San Diego Foundation to manage a parcel in the Ramona Grassland Preserve.

GE Banding, Moreno Butte, Jeff Wells departing Helo, 2007
San Vicente Eagle Banding 201050
San Vicente Eagle Banding 201021
JDB_2260 Bald Eagle Ramona Grasslands 2016 (11)
San Vicente Eagle Banding 201001
Angel Mountain Lake Henshaw 0511-201029
Angel Mountain Lake Henshaw 0511-201027
Angel Mountain Lake Henshaw 0511-201019
Angel Mountain Lake Henshaw 0511-201012
Angel Mountain Lake Henshaw 0511-201008
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